27 Mar

Written by GWM Edenvale

HAVAL Celebrates Million Sales – Jack Wey Aims for Top Global SUV Brands

With the theme “HAVAL Million Sales, Champion Honor,” the HAVAL Brand celebration was held in Baoding on February 19, 2016.
GWM unprecedentedly achieved its brilliant annual sales of a million vehicles, of which HAVAL SUV’s accounted for nearly 90%, becoming the first SUV brand to enter the “Million Sales Club” in China.

The celebration started at 7pm in the HAVAL R&D Centre. With laser lights cast on the building, it gave a strong sense of technology by illuminating half of the town. Hundreds of mainstream media nationwide gathered to share and witness the honour of HAVAL’s SUV achievement.
GWM has championed their sales volume for 14 consecutive years with 1,074,500 cars in 2016.
HAVAL SUV has grown 42% from the previous year, making this singular Chinese car maker the only SUV brand to have achieved a million sales, without being a joint venture.

In 2011, the launch of HAVAL H6 filled the void in the urban SUV market and spurred rapid development of SUV markets in China. The high speed growth expanded the market segment of Chinese originated SUV’s, activated SUV markets and even benefitted the entire passenger-car market. The subsequent launches of high-end products such as HAVAL H8 and H9, and other high-quality models including HAVAL H2, H6 coupe and H7, lead to the massive growth of Chinese originated brands in the SUV field. The market share of self-owned SUV’s had reached a record-high 58.2% by 2016.

Dong Yang spoke of the important position of HAVAL SUV – “The annual sale of a million vehicles achieved by HAVAL in only ten years is unique in China’s SUV markets and also a milestone in China’s brand development.” In so doing, HAVAL SUV gained a sharp growth in both sale volume and market share, playing a pace-setting role by leading China’s automobile industry in the stride toward glory.


HAVAL aims to be the top global SUV brand with two million annual sales by 2020 – and the H6 being the No. 1 SUV model globally

“FOCUS ON SUV” – This strategic policy has played an integral part in today’s great success. In so doing, HAVAL has shifted the SUV segment into a mainstream market, turning SUV products into leading China brands, and it has acted as a trend setter in the emergence of the SUV trend in China. A wise man is the leader of the times, who has long been insightful about the direction forward. Jack Wey (Mr. Wei Jianjun) the chairman of GWM, who took the stage to warm applause, shared HAVAL’s ways to success and described its prospects, bringing the atmosphere to a climax.

Chairman Wei Jianjun pointed out that, “SUV focus will always be HAVAL’s core strategy. Sedans would not be launched unless the SUV of GWM became the world’s best-selling brand. HAVAL will further focus on the market below RMB 150,000 and become an absolute leader in such market after the launch of the WEY product. HAVAL will strive for 2 million annual sales, exceeding Jeep and Land Rover, to become the world’s largest SUV brand, and by 2020, H6 aims to become the sales champion among all the SUV models.

HAVAL SUV will continue to deepen its strategy of red/ blue two product lines, and develop a new flexible platform according to its production plan. Dozens of product models will cover mini, compact, medium, and medium & large segments by 2020.

Meanwhile, HAVAL SUV’s are to stick to the globalized technical R&D position, with more technical and manufacturing investments in the core brand value of “safety”. It will invest RMB 30 billion to build globalized R&D systems, forming advantages in aspects such as active and passive safety technology, intelligent interconnection, as well as automatic driving. It will also adopt plug-in hybrid power-drive as the main way of driving, profoundly improving the customer experience, and provide really safe new energy SUV’s.


With ¥30 Billion Investment in R&D, HAVAL Would Become the Safest SUV

Wei Jianjun, chairman of the board, indicated that a comprehensive intelligent security system would be used to create the “safest” SUVs. For the safety performance of SUV, HAVAL has invested more R & D resources and established absolute advantage in the aspect of safety performance among similar SUV products.
In the product R & D phase, HAVAL employs the world’s strictest technical standards and safety collision evaluation system. For example, both the unique 3DP body and the usage rate of high-strength steel are better than some luxury brands. The structural crashworthiness meets the latest safety criteria of the United States. He also added, that besides the basic passive safety technology, HAVAL has already mastered hundreds of active safety technologies; including the popular application of Carbon Monoxide Monitoring System, Driving Habits Analysis System, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and systems as Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keeping Assist System, Multi-View Camera System and others. The chairman explained that HAVAL is more professional and safe.
This is what we have solemnly promised. Buy HAVAL, you are buying safer SUV’s. That is why so many thousands of customers choose HAVAL SUV’s.

He also announced the application of “i-pilot” (Intelligent Navigation System) on site. Using a North America-India-China collaborative development model, the system has already reached the third level of performance criteria of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

At present, the system is undergoing road tests and is expected to be put into operation after 2020. By then, the intelligent navigation system of HAVAL SUV will be able to achieve automatic driving in conventional traffic conditions. No drivers need to be involved unless an emergency situation occurs. Finally, HAVAL will launch a completely autonomous and safer SUV.


All-new H6 Unveiled, Challenging the Best-selling Global SUV Model

The great achievement made by HAVAL today, shall be primarily attributed to HAVAL H6. The all-new HAVAL H6 was unveiled amidst the eager expectations of the on-site guests. It is a safer high-performance SUV created for the new generation of China during the Internet Age. Adhering to the minimal design concept of “simplicity, classic and eternity” proposed by Head of Design, Pierre.

The HAVAL H6 was created on a new platform, with a new power assembly and safety philosophy. According to Pierre, the all-new HAVAL H6 will be provided with a 2.0T\1.3T engine and a 7DCT dual clutch gearbox. At the same time, it will also have its safety performance strengthened to bring an epoch-making experience to customers.

As a legend of SUVs, HAVAL H6 always retains its glamour. In December 2016, its monthly sales were more than 80,000 and the annual sales exceeded 580,000, ranking in the top four among SUV’s worldwide. In the future, supported by new models, HAVAL H6 will aggressively challenge the top global seller to win the title of “SUV single model champion.”


Manufacturers co-create brilliant HAVAL to help to build China’s top auto brand of sincerity and service
China calls for national brands and a mainstay is required in the age of great power. The HAVAL today has become the best and plays a leading role in the domestic market. It also made an impact on the international stage.

At the HAVAL SUV brand celebration, the internationally renowned organization – Brand Finance issued the Auto100 2017. In the ranking of “Brand Power of Global Special SUV in 2017”, with a level of AA+, HAVAL’s brand power came first, exceeding Jeep and Land Rover.

In addition, in the ranking of “Brand Strength of Chinese SUV”, HAVAL came in first. In respect of marketing effectiveness of brand value, HAVAL made a remarkable achievement by topping the ranking. Its brand marketing efficiency almost triples that of the second place holder.

However, in the ranking of “Brand Value of Global Special SUV in 2017”, HAVAL became the world’s second most valuable SUV brand, which was comparable with JEEP and LAND ROVER, forming a situation of tripartite confrontation. In the ranking of “Brand Value of Global SUV Industry,” HAVAL is the only Chinese brand on the list of brand value of global SUV in 2017.This was ahead of many internationally famous brands such as FORD, HONDA and AUDI. Being awarded the honorary titles of “World’s Strongest SUV Brand in 2017″and “Chinese Strongest Auto Brand in 2017”, HAVAL has become the pride of China.

HAVAL principal and its suppliers and dealers jointly made a promise of “laying good foundations for HAVAL with excellent quality, and winning a victory with integrity.”

HAVAL could not have achieved all this without the support of its partners and the trust of its customers. HAVAL maintained its rigorous quality control, requiring its suppliers to keep a leading edge with more precise technologies and better quality. HAVAL kept providing strong support, requiring dealers to achieve our targeted concepts and more professional service.

Now, HAVAL has become the core asset of all suppliers, dealers and partners. To maintain the image of HAVAL and to enhance the value of HAVAL, has become the common purpose of them all.

HAVAL, (which has won the ‘champion of auto brands’ most satisfactory to dealers in the whole industry, for two consecutive years) has set a good example of friendly relationships with manufacturers in the industry. When participating in the activity, representatives of the manufacturers jointly unfolded a calligraphy scroll, on which the words “Quality Builds Foundation, Integrity Wins the World” were written. These are promises they will keep, in order to build the top Chinese auto brand, by providing service with sincerity and jointly creating a new HAVAL!


With One Million Annual Sales, HAVAL Owners Set Guinness World Records.

HAVAL provides excellent products and services for customers, gaining wide recognition in the market and the trust of more than 3,000,000 HAVAL owners.

Representatives of HAVAL owners received the recognition from Guinness World Records as the “Largest-Scale HAVAL Automobile Parade”.

More than 460 HAVAL owners participated in and created the “Largest-Scale HAVAL Automobile Parade” certified by Guinness World Record. HAVAL owners worked together to create this record by parading for 10 km. They are hoping monthly sales of HAVAL H6 will exceed 100,000 in order to present a gift for HAVAL SUV Grand Celebration.

When scooping the Guinness prize, the owners also posed with figures on the HAVAL Logo of 800,000, 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 to express their good wishes for HAVAL to exceed 2,000,000 in annual sales – and go higher.

Last year, with “customer satisfaction” as its theme, HAVAL sent ‘red envelope’ gifts filled with cash totaling three hundred million, to three million HAVAL owners to show our gratitude. At this event, with great sincerity, HAVAL has carried out the activities of celebrating one million annual sales by collecting nine HAVAL cards with “Fu”(a Chinese character defined as good blessing) and sharing millions in cash and looking for the most loyal fans to give back to its customers.

As a model in the development of the China automobile industry, HAVAL SUV has sought out a unique path, providing a reference for the rise of Chinese brands. One million annual sales is witness to the rise of HAVAL and marks a new starting point in our history. In an era of booming development of the Chinese automobile industry, HAVAL will continue to bravely lead the way and proceed toward our aim of being the global SUV leader.