10 Apr

Written by GWM Edenvale

HAVAL Ranks the Top in “Brand Power of Global Special SUV in 2017”

In HAVAL SUV brand celebration, the internationally renowned brand-evaluation organization – Brand Finance issued the Auto100 2017. In the ranking of “Brand Power of Global Special SUV in 2017”, with a brand level of AA+, HAVAL’s brand power came in first, exceeding Jeep and Land Rover.

In addition, in the ranking of “Brand Strength of Chinese SUV”, HAVAL came in first with absolute advantage; in respect of marketing effectiveness of brand value, HAVAL made a remarkable progress and topped the ranking. Its brand marketing efficiency almost triples that of the second place. Meantime, in the ranking of “Brand Value of Global Special SUV in 2017”, HAVAL became the world’s second most valuable SUV brand, which was comparable with JEEP and LAND ROVER, forming a situation of tripartite confrontation; in the ranking of “Brand Value of Global SUV Industry”, HAVAL is the only Chinese brand in the list of brand value of global SUV in 2017, which was ahead of many internationally famous brands such as FORD, HONDA and AUDI and ranks fourth. Being awarded the honorary titles of “World’s Strongest SUV Brand in 2017″and “Chinese Strongest Auto Brand in 2017”, HAVAL has become the pride of China.